Besides the basic research programmes necessary to determine the orientation of developments of specific adhesives, LUXINOV’s main activity is the development and validation of created research avenues. A research protocol specific to our clients’ specifications is developed in order to precisely meet their needs.

  1. Adaptation of our formulations,

  2. Preliminary tests between substrates,

  3. Cohesion tests,

  4. Accelerated ageing tests,

  5. Mechanical tests

  6. Adaptation of formulations according to results obtained from the tests,

  7. Validation of a formulation adapted to the client’s specifications,

  8. Design of the client’s manufacturing tool

  9. Adaptation of the formulation according to the tool,

  10. Final development of the adhesive

  11. Validation by fire test

  12. Validation by acoustic test

  13. Euroclasses

  14. Hard shock, soft shock tests

  15. flexion test

This list is not exhaustive, it reflects simply the most current requests.

The photos below illustrate various stages of formulation of these developments.


Research, Testing and Validations