This development was initiated by SEMMARIS as part of the renovation of the MIN Fish Market at RUNGIS. This involved developing an isothermal firebreak panel for creating the market’s cold storage rooms.  In addition to the insulation constraints, the construction system had to meet fire constraints (one-hour firebreak for partitions and ceilings) as well as veterinary hygiene constraints and a very damp and saline environment.

Development led to a complete construction system: “SETLUX”, meeting all these requirements. This patented system has received all necessary approvals (Effectis fire PV, ATex CSTB, Euroclassses LNE validation); nearly 24,000 m2 of panels were installed at this site.

In 2004, in response to a request from ArcelorMittal Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), a new development, the “FIREBREAK”  was begun to develop a 4-hour firebreak wall intended for the compartmentation of large logistics warehouses not compliant in terms of insurability.

To date, no less than seven new patents have been filed jointly with ArcelorMittal Dudelange on the various forms of this development, among these already validated concepts. 

  1. 90- and 120-minute firebreak walls,

  2. 2-hour firebreak floor and ceiling,

  3. 1-hour firebreak façade,

  4. 1-hour firebreak insulating wall panel for negative cold storage rooms

  5. 1-hour stable girder and column protection…

Developments in the area of fire

and passive fire protection