Structural glass

IPE created by “solder-gluing” extra white glass elements. This development consists of constructing buildings entirely of glass. These profiles replace steel structures and allow the construction of completely transparent buildings or facades.

Other Developments

Wired glass/coloured glass composite

This development was created on behalf of Cabinet Vasconi (Paris) as part of the renovation of the neighbourhood around the train station in Amiens (France 80). It involved covering the station square with glass elements having the appearance of a forest canopy through pixellisation in various shades of green. These coloured glass pixels are “solder-glued” to a wired glass support.

Wood/glass composite

A thin layer of wood (0.23mm) is “solder-glued” to an extra-white glass piece serving as structural support. The complex thus obtained makes the wood translucent. This product, under development, is intended for making furniture, interior décor and facades.